The AWS PowerShell Docker Container

I cannot believe it is over 3 years since I created the openstack-git-env container. At the time I was really frustrated at how hard it was to get started with setting up an environment  to start contributing to OpenStack.

Well I have now moved on - focused primarily on AWS - and I have a good amount of PowerShell experience under my belt - but since I moved off a Windows laptop 3 years ago - I hardly use PowerShell anymore. Which is a shame.

Luckily Microsoft have released a version of PowerShell that will work on Mac and Linux - so I can start getting back on the horse.

I looked at the instructions for setting up PowerShell command for AWS - which led me to the AWS documentation page. But the missing link there - is how do you install PowerShell on your Mac/Linux machine - there is no documentation there. This is complicated ands error prone.

So I was thinking - there must be a container already available for PowerShell - it can’t be that everyone goes through the hoops of installing everything locally.

And lo and behold - there is one -

So I built on top of this - the AWS PowerShell container.

All you need to do is set an alias on you machine, add a script that will launch the container - and Bob’s your uncle - you are ready to go.

All the information is located on the repository.

Screenshot at Jan 25 08-59-05

Please let me know if you think this is useful - and if there are any improvements your would like to see.

The code is on Github - feel free to contribute or raise any issues when/if you find them.