Disclaimer and Ground Rules


I am not a lawyer, I maintain and update this blog in my spare time and as such I will try and word this in a way that is simple to understand, both for me as a content creator, and also for you as reader of this blog.

All information is provided from the best of my knowledge, my insight on the wonderful world of technology and the opinions expressed on this blog are my own.

They are the not the opinions of my employer, they are NOT the official stance, thoughts, recommendations, or advice of my employer, cannot (and should not) be considered as such.

Any actions that you take as a result from the informationa dn content published here, are provided as is, without any guarantee and should be tested or validated to work for you, in your specific use case. I am not responsible for you taking something from the internet, running it without sufficient testing and causing damage.

From time to time there might be advertisements presented on this blog. This does not mean I endorse the owners of these advertisements, and if you choose to use the products they advertise or provide, that is your responsibility.


I do not create sponsored content. Never have, never will. This is my blog, my voice, my thoughts and my opinion. It is something I value dearly and I will not jeapordize my integrity for a few bucks.

If you are interested in advertising on this blog, on a permanent basis, feel free to [reach out] (https://blog.technodrone.cloud/pages/contact).


I have decided to disable comments on the site - 99.99% of the comments I receive are spam anyways - it is a waste of my time.

If you have thoughts, commentary, remarks, want to disagree, argue or have anything you would like tell me - please feel free to [reach out] (https://blog.technodrone.cloud/pages/contact) or contact me on [Twitter] (https://twitter.com/maishsk).