Kubernetes Is Not the Silver Bullet

Does the following sound familiar to you?

The industry latches on to a new technology and everyone falls under its spell, a spell that makes them think this latest technology will solve any and all of the problems we have suffered from in the past.

The Evolution of Illusion

I experienced this phenomenon when our IT department first discovered blades. It would solve all our problems, everyone said, cabling, cooling, power, and real estate. And, at first, that seemed true; that is until it brought with it a whole new set of problems, such as insufficient bandwidth, network contention, and congestion.

Then came virtualization and VMware. Better utilization! Faster time to delivery! Consolidation! But… we soon was revealed a whole new set of problems, like insufficient disk throughput, greater blast radius when a single server goes down, not to mention VM sprawl and increased licensing costs.

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