Saying Thank You!

So if I am already on a roll with saying thank you, I wanted to share wiith you all a post I wrote on LinkedIn a month ago (

Reposting it here in it’s entirety.

Thank You

Two small words, but they make so much of a difference.

We take things for granted - every single day.

  • Life
  • Breathing
  • Our kids
  • Our family
  • Electricity
  • Email

All of these are things that we interact with every day, and only when they do not work, things go wrong, or are no longer there - do we wonder.

How can this be? Something so basic, so simple - it should be there.

It should work.

But nothing is there forever.

When was the last time you said thank you to your e-mail Admin - for making sure that you can check your email on your phone, at home, when you walk in the door every morning to work, anywhere and everywhere.

Did you say thank you to the utility company that makes sure your gas, water and electricity are working each and every day?

There are so many people that work their ass off to make this happen, come rain or shine, snow, hail or thunderstorm. Every day, every hour of the day.

I would like to share with you a short letter I wrote to a food company that supplies Kosher food, on a flight I was on last week.

Thank You

I received an answer back a week later (and am publishing with their permission)

Thank you

I cannot describe what a great feeling it gave me to receive this answer back.

Say thank you.

Say thank you to the doorman that opens the door for you.

Say thank you to those who clean your office every day.

Say thank you those who serve you a drink in the plane.

Say thank you.

You never know how much those two small words will make a difference - for you and for all those around you.

Have a great weekend everyone!