VMworld is 3 Weeks Away

Yep, that is 21 days. I do not think there is any need to introduce VMworld to the readers of my blog.


I would like to share with you some (and by no means a comprehensive list) of the activities I will be partaking in during VMworld.

Opening Acts 2014 — Panel Agenda - Sunday August 24th

I will be a panelist in the Architecture & Infrastructure Panel.

Opening Acts will be a series of group/panel discussions over the course of a few hours on Sunday afternoon. Whiteboards will be present, but no slides or PowerPoint.

It is an honor to give back something to the VMunderground crew!

vBrownbag – vExpert Daily Live Podcast – with Michael Letschin

I be on the live podcast on Monday and Wednesday morning at 10:30. This will be a live discussion about the announcements of the day, the vibe and what is happening at the show.

And last but not least my speaker debut at VMworld

Automating Host, Guest and Application Deployment in the Software Defined Datacenter with Cisco - NET3160-SPO

Automation is an essential component of the Software Defined Datacenter, without an automation solution this is destined for failure. We want to automate it all, from the deployment of the hardware, the hypervisor, the operating systems, and the application. This session will go through a customer story inside Cisco where an automation solution was implemented using PowerUCS, PowerCLI, Razor and Puppet to ensure a successful deployment from end to end. The session is technical, will provide a detailed architecture and methodology used in this customer, and how the solution reduced the deployment time from a number of days to a matter of hours.

You can expect a deep dive session here on Wednesday afternoon at 14:00-15:00. I will be one of only 4 Cisco sessions at the show with demos and some awesome integration between a great number of technologies.


I can’t wait!