vExpert 2013

Last week, the 581 people that were awarded the vExpert title for the year 2013. It is large list of people who are active in the community, that share knowledge, that lead VMUG’s and all other kinds of evangelizing for VMware and the community in general.

As we all know there are a number of “perks” that come with being a vExpert, but mostly it is an honor.

  • An honor to be part of an amazing group of people


  • An honor to serve the community

  • An honor that people acknowledge your contributions

I have traditionally created a Twitter list of the vExperts each year, and this in not different.

I actually created two of them due to the fact that Twitter limited the number of members of a single list to 500 members (and of course they changed it on Thursday - after the lists were populated)

So there will be only a single vExpert 2013 list which you can find here.

Thank you for the honor and here is looking forward to a wonderful and exciting year..