Which sessions I voted for - VMworld 2012

1222 sessions – That is a lot. How do you wade through that amount?

That is what the filter is there for. So you can filter out the sessions on several criteria – but to do everyone justice – I decided to do this meticulously – and go track by track and note which sessions I chose and why.

The criteria for my choices were:

  1. Does the topic interest me?
  2. Have I heard the presenter before?
  3. Is the presenter also a well known figure?

I went track by track to choose my picks for the sessions I would like to see at VMworld 2012

I have a session up for voting  as well – so please feel free to add it the list below.

It is long list – and I hope it will be useful to you. You can find the spreadsheet here

Just to clarify.. I was not asked to promote any sessions – these are my choices. They are based on my areas of interest – and should not be taken as an endorsement for one session over the other.

I hope you find it useful!