VMware Horizon App Manager

VMware has launched Project Horizon !!

Here is the VMware Horizon App Manager landing page

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Q. What Is VMware Horizon App Manager?

A. VMware Horizon App Manager is a hosted service that enables organizations to centrally manage the provisioning, access and usage of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. With this turnkey solution, IT departments can extend on-premises Microsoft Active Directory identity to the public cloud, simplifying the security of application access. In addition, strong policy management delivers robust user activity reporting. End users, even those with multiple devices, have a single login and simplified, self-service access to the organization’s application store.

Q. How does VMware Horizon App Manager work?

A. VMware Horizon App Manager provides a cloud identity service layer for securing managed access to SaaS and Web-based applications. Specifically, IT managers will utilize a Web-based SaaS application management tool to provision and entitle access to end users. The identity and access management (IAM) technology in VMware Horizon App Manager unifies silos of user identities in the private and public cloud into a single cloud identity, increasing the security of SaaS and Web-based application usage for the enterprise. In addition, managers will have control over user access policies and be able to track SaaS license activity centrally, via usage reports.

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