3 Things I Learned - Week 17

As you might have noticed, weeks 15 and 16 are missing – life just got in the way – my apologies. Life does go on and so do I (and no – I am not going to post 9 things this week – to make up for it), so here are three thing that I learned this week.

  1. There is a great analogy of the On Pioneers, Settlers and Towns Planners Or Understanding My Personal Brand – from Matt Brender (now Broberg). I came across another great analogy of how your AWS VPC is built the same as a town - [AWS VPC Core Concepts in an Analogy and Guide](https://AWS VPC Core Concepts in an Analogy and Guide).

  2. An excellent read on - What is DevOps?

  3. As you might (or might not) know an AWS instance can assume a role assigned to it – and access the AWS API - as long as you have 3 things.

    • aws_access_key_id
    • aws_secret_access_key
    • default region
      The first two - are provided by the role - but the third is something you need to provide to the instance.

    Here is how you can extract this information from the API.

Next week in Memorial and Independence day in Israel. Have a great week!!