3 Things I Learned - Week 13

I have spent most of the week here in Texas at an internal DevOps conference. As things go with these kind of events – the most interesting parts are always those where you speak to others – outside of the informal sessions.

Here are 3 things I learned this week.

  1. Our youth is amazing. My daughter was one of sixty 11th and 12th graders that presented the summary of here thesis that she has been doing in researching remodeling of neurons, neuro-transmitters, and the mushroom-body.

    The reason I say why youth is amazing – is because each of the presenters there – had completed if not as – but a more complicated research project.

    And yes I was an extremely proud father – watching her present at her first scientific conference.

  2. Lists are awesome. I just found a whole new world of awesome-lists. Have a look at the topic on github.com. I have to be careful to make sure that this does not become a time sink.

  3. AWS has a new resource tagging API. Looking further down the road with my journey to AWS – this is going to be very important and useful.

Catch you all next week!