3 Things I Learned - Week 9

Honestly this week has not been my best – far too much going on at work – after work and yet there are always new things that I learn.

  1. I tried to upgrade my Raspberry Pi to an updated version – it did not go well. But all is not lost, after installing Minibian which is perfect for my needs – I was well on my way again with less RAM and resources in use.

  2. Amazon US-east-1 melted down this week, and took down a substantial number of dependent sites and businesses that rely on their services. US-east-1 is the oldest and biggest region that AWS has in use today. I was personally affected as well – as we have an ongoing project in that region.

  3. To continue the point above. There is so much to actually say – but this will lead to a whole new blog post. Two short point on the message that was posted last night.

    a. Human’s are the weakest link – there is no doubt about it.
    b. There are parts of AWS that have not been started in Years ! I don’t know if I should be happy about that – or really really scared!

Have a great weekend and never stop learning!