3 Things I Learned - Week 5

January has come and gone – and of course this week is no different than the last – always something new.

  1. Exposing everything to the outside world is never a good idea, but there are times where you have to leave something open in order to manage everything else in the remote location. That is where a bastion host comes in.

    How to Record SSH Sessions Established Through a Bastion Host – is a really interesting way of monitoring what is happening on this node – and how to create an audit trail.

  2. Gitlab had a meltdown this week. Two lessons I learned from this mess.

    1. make sure you have proper backups.
    2. Backups are not worth anything – unless they have been validated
  3. The AWS Spot marketplace is a fascinating concept, something that I am not yet comfortable using – but will be happy to learn more about

Till next week!!