3 Things I learned - Week 4

Another week has gone by.

  1. Children have a totally different outlook on life. At a family meal this week we were talking about life insurance – why it is needed – and how that money can help the family that is left behind in a financial way.

    My 11 year daughter asked – what would we do with all of her money – if something would actually happen to her (heaven forbid). The numbers that the adults were talking about were in the 7 digit figures and the amount she was talking about was her life savings – somewhere around $500.

    I learned a very important lesson from this conversation. The amount she has was just as important and worth just as much to her  as the amounts we talking about.

    People cherish what they have – no matter how much it is worth – worth is only in the eyes of the beholder.

  2. Sometimes you just want to have a simple bloody if… then… else…
    Bashing my head against the wall for a number of hours finally brought me to this ternary. This is the closest I option I could find for my quest.

  3. IRC – Do you remember that thing from the 1990’s – Well it is alive and kicking – being used heavily – by a large number of Opensource communities. The Ansible community uses IRC as well – which is where I found out about the point above.

    My thanks go out to all those community members (regardless of the community they belong to) who are willing to answer the same silly questions from newbies – with such patience.