Keeping up to date with OpenStack Blueprints

OpenStack is a living product – and because it is community driven - changes are being proposed almost constantly.

So how do you keep up with all of these proposed changes? And even more so why would you?

The answer to the second question is because if you are interested in the projects then you should be following what is going on. In addition there could be cases where you see that the proposed blueprint could break something that you currently use or is in directly contradiction to what you are trying to do – and you should leave your feedback.

OpenStack wants you to leave your feedback – so please do!

About the first question - the answer is here – This is an aggregate of the new blueprints (specs) for each of the projects as they are approved.

I use RSS feeds available for the blueprints which helps me keep up to date as soon as a new blueprint is added.

I have compiled an OPML file with all the current projects that you can add to your favorite RSS reader.
You can download it in the link below.


I hope this will be as useful to you as it is to me.

As always, comments, suggestions and thoughts are always welcome.