Let’s Do It Differently - Voting Time. Again….

Last year I asked you Please do not vote for Me! and I still stand by every single word I said in that post last year – nothing has changed.

I would like to re-iterate who I think you should be be voting for and why:

Try not to make this into a popularity contest.
Judge the bloggers on their content.
Judge the bloggers on their writing skills.
Judge the bloggers on their passion.
Judge the bloggers on who they are – not just because they work for company A, B or C.

This year I would even like to take this one step further (and perhaps I might be making a mistake here – but this is the what I feel is right).

Let’s look for a moment at the current top 25 bloggers and where they have been ranked over the past 4 years.

Top Virtualization blogs over the years

11 of these bloggers have been ranked in the top 25 for past 4 years.
7 of the current top 25 are VCDX’s (which is an amazing accomplishment in its own right)


To all of those on this list - I salute you. I really do! You guys are doing an amazing job, creating content that is up to date, interesting, and informative, is an extremely difficult job. And of course I would say that the overwhelming majority of the people on the entire list of bloggers do not do this for a living – this is a side project, something they enjoy doing – a passion. All of the hard work and investment is well recognized.

Each of the bloggers in the top 25, are leaders in their field, they are speakers at events, guests on podcasts, authors, well recognized in the industry, and have worked extremely hard to achieve what they have accomplished.

It is time to freshen the ranks, accept new blood, and rejuvenate the community.

“How would like to do that?” - I might hear you ask – well actually quite simple.

I would like to see more new and upcoming bloggers enter the top 25. In 2013 there were 6 bloggers who came into the top 25 from either having no rank the year before, or a rank below 25. In 2012 there were a lot less.


It looks like we are on the right track.

That is why I will not be voting for any of the top 25 bloggers from last year – but rather choosing bloggers who are not so high in the rankings – for the sole purpose of giving them more exposure. I will stick to my guns and vote for the bloggers, based on the principles I noted above.

It is better for them, and when it is better for them, it is better for the community as a whole, and better for us all. I do not think that the traffic and exposure of the current top 25 will take a substantial hit – because they are already well established, and well known. They will keep on doing what they have been doing for past 4 (or more years) regardless of their ranking, which will keep them at their current level of exposure (and hopefully continue to grow and advance) .

What do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts down below.

(Disclaimer: I am one of those people who are below the top 25. I would do exactly the same even if I was ranked in the top 25).