Please do not vote for Me!

Really – I mean it!!

The Twitterverse exploded this morning with @ericsiebert’s announcement:

Voting now open for the 2013 top VMware & virtualization blogs (Read his post – with detailed instructions)

Shortly thereafter started the flood of posts announcing the vote. Over 20 in the last past 12 hours.

“Vote for me …. “ “This is what I did ….” “This is who I voted for… and why… “


Vote!! Vote!! Vote!!!

Self promotion is a good thing – to an extent.

I have my opinions about the whole process, I have voiced them before publicly on Twitter and also on my blog as well. Here is a post I wrote about this last year - ‘Tis the Season to be Voting …..

What I said there I will stress it again and in bold this time

Try not to make this into a popularity contest.
Judge the bloggers on their content.
Judge the bloggers on their writing skills.
Judge the bloggers on their passion.
Judge the bloggers on who they are – not just because they work in company A, B or C.

During the last year or so I have seen people start blogging or try and “arrange” for themselves positions within the community (becoming a VMTN moderator as a springboard to become a vExpert is such an example) for all the wrong reasons.

To put it in the words of others – who have said it better than me.

Thanks to Rynardt Spies, Christian Mohn and Ricky El-Qasem for sparking this post.

For the right reasons

Vote for whoever you want – but do it for the right reasons!!

One more thing – thank you Eric for all the hard work you put into this!!