‘Tis the Season to be Voting ...

It seems like only yesterday when the last survey was conducted, and I was actually not going to write this post – because I hate “me too” posts.

So let us try and do this slightly differently.

On my No. 32 - Thank you all so much! post I stated some observations – which I hope you will consider this year, when you choose which blogs you wish to rank in the top 10.

Try not to make this into a popularity contest.
Judge the bloggers on their content.
Judge the bloggers on their writing skills.
Judge the bloggers on their passion.
Judge the bloggers on who they are – not just because they work in company A, B or C.

It is great that there are some changes in this year’s survey:

Bloggers for certain categories:

Storage blog
Cloud Computing blog
End User Computing (VDI) blog
News & Information website
Favorite Scripting blog
Favorite Podcast
Official VMware blog
Best Videos used in a blog
Favorite New Blog (less than a year old)
Favorite Independent blogger

If you find that my blog or my writing deserves your vote or it fits any of the above mentioned categories,
I would be most thankful.

Good luck to all the bloggers!!

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As always – once the results are published you can follow the Top 25 Bloggers on Twitter.