TempPlanetV12N - My Daily Virtualization News Replacement

For those of you who follow the PlanetV12N aggregation feed of anything and everything that is virtualization – you might have noticed that the feed has been stale for over 10 days.
The reason being.. – well I do not really know – it usually is a problem with one of the feeds in the list – which causes the whole process to commit harakiri. It is extremely annoying. I know. I miss my daily fix of virtualization news. I really missed it during VMworld in Europe last week.
So here was the chain of events (through my twitter stream) that led me to create my own list of all the blogs that are currently in the feed.

The lack of having updates from PlanetV12N is really annoying. Eric Siebert has a feed of the top 50 blogs here - https://feeds.feedburner.com/PlanetVsphere-land – but as I stated tonight on Twitter:

So I collected all the links on the PlanetV12N page – and have made a temporary aggregate feed that you all can follow, until John Troyer can get this mess fixed up.
I think I got all of the blogs that were listed on the site (there were 314). I stripped out the Youtube channel links and all of those that were not working. This leaves 257 blogs that you can now get in one feed.
Just to make things clear once more.

  • This is not the definitive list
  • This is temporary – until Planet V12N is fixed
  • I will not add / remove feeds from the list – so don’t ask.

Please feel free to add TempPlanetV12N to RSS readers.