vSphere Web Client vs. vSphere Client - Sessions

There are a great number of differences between the two, and it is obvious that the vSphere Web client is where the future lies – VMware made it clear at VMworld that 5.1 will be the last release of the vSphere Client

vSphere Client EOL

Picture (c) by Marco Broeken.

But unfortunately there are things that have / will fall between the cracks – and functionality we are used to – is no longer available.

One such an example – controlling the current sessions connected to vCenter.

vSphere Client


vSphere Web Client

No Terminate

Just so that you know how to find it – because it is not where you would expect it.

vSphere Client


vSphere Web Client

Click on your vCenter –> Manage –> Sessions Tab


I expect we will see a number of these coming up in the near future.

But if you ask me – the change from the Windows Client to the vSphere Web Client is a great thing and something we all get used to – so you might as well start now.

Message of the day by the way can be found here in the Web Client:
(in case you want to broadcast something to your users)