Countdown to VMworld T-6 - Parties

Personally this is not really a big one for me – but I guess that for the rest of the world probably it is – that why they always go out of their way to find a star – this it is Bon Jovi – to perform during the party.


Food is usually there a plenty – I don’t eat it – and the drinks are a flowing. It is fun, its different, and people have a great time.
But not only the VMworld party – almost every single vendor (or major vendor) will have a bash – and wine and dine you. The one that I would like to point out is the VMundergound WuPaaS (that is Warm Up Party As A Service).

Theron Conrey, Sean Clark and Brian Knudtson all do a great job every year to bring VMworld to a start with this party.

All proceeds go to charity and it is generally a blast.