The Easier way to Use the VMworld Schedule Builder

I wanted to share this tip – since it is not so obvious and after doing it myself the hard way – I found a much easier way to find the right sessions for VMworld which will most probably save you a lot of time and headaches

If you go into the Schedule Builder – after you have already logged (as I said in my earlier post) you will be presented with this screen.

Splash page

Trying to find which sessions you would like is not easy. You can apply a filter on the top or on the left:

  • Type
  • Day
  • Track
  • Technical Level
  • Area of Interest

But it is still not an easy way to organize your schedule.

Here is the way I found – much easier IMHO

On the left you have the Site Menu

Site Menu

From the drop down click on Schedule


This will present you with your schedule so far (if you have not yet added any sessions of course it will be blank)

My Schedule

Click on Edit Schedule

Edit Schedule

This will open a layover windows with your schedule and all the sessions on that day.
Already organized

Session per day

Hovering over the sessions on the left will bring up the timeslot for the session on your schedule on the right.

Time slots

So much easier this way. You can see the conflicts, adding the session in will notify you that it will remove the previous ones, also if there is an overlap in the times.


Should be the default way to build the schedule - if you ask me.

I Hope I saved you some time..