Quest to Acquire VKernel – Say What?

That was an utter surprise to me. Seriously.

I don’t actually know really, what to think about this though. Quest and VKernel are direct competitors.

Quest acquired Vizioncore back in January 2008. It took 2 years until they discontinued the brand completely. So these words are something that still will need to be proven:

VKernel, a leading provider of capacity management products for virtualized data centers and cloud environments, will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary of Quest.

I find it hard to understand – why Quest would continue the product – vFoglight and VKernel are more or less the same, so to keep on development of two parallel products – does not make much business sense to me.

It seems the market is becoming more aggressive, and only the strong will survive.

This will be an interesting one to see how this rides out. And also to see if we will see any other acquisitions from other similar companies as well.