NetApp DFM Console on Ubuntu

I finally got to play around with the NetApp Operations Manager last week. The two options for the management I had, was to install on a package on a Windows/Linux machine that I use or to use the web console.

But the Linux package was only an RPM package.


But my I use Ubuntu Linux - and I am not going to change the Linux flavor just for the console.

The NetApp Communities - which said this was not possible (ahem perhaps better to say supported).

Google took me to another post which explained how to do How to Install NetApp DFM on Ubuntu. But this was for the product itself, not the management console.

So I tried the procedure anyway.

sudo alien nmconsole-setup-3-0-2-linux.rpm
sudo dpkg -i nmconsole\_3.0.2-4202\_all.deb

And hey presto.


Supported? No! Works? YES! (still no crashes yet..)