10 Things That are on my Mind

I was recently asked what are the things that I currently working on and what is occupying my time.

I thought I would share that list with you - as it holds a list of things that you should have on your list of things to do:

  1. How do I provide more automation for my environment? Mainly for the end user.

  2. Securing my environment – performing security audits, reviews – what tools can be utilized.

  3. Updating documentation of the current environment.

  4. Defining standards.

    • What should be virtualized? What not?
    • If not - then Why?
    • If yes – how do we present insight into how resources are really used, and who uses them?
  5. Capacity planning and analysis.

  6. Preparing for the internal cloud (if you are not already there).

  7. Site redundancy.

  8. Backup and restore of VM’s – should they be treated the same as your physical machines? If not what are the tools we should be looking at to provide the optimal process to restore in different scenarios.

  9. Keeping an eye on what the competition have – and when (if at all) is worth my while to switch to a different vendor. (be it hypervisor/storage/network etc.)

  10. Preparing for the upcoming release of certain Hypervisor.

Do you have anything else you want would like to add? Feel free to leave a comment below.