VMware vSphere Design Book - Update

Our book page has now been updated with the following info:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Designing VMware Environments.
Chapter 2 ESX vs. ESXi.
Chapter 3 Designing the Management Layer.
Chapter 4 Server Hardware.
Chapter 5 Designing your Network.
Chapter 6 Storage.
Chapter 7 Virtual Machines.
Chapter 8 Datacenter Design.
Chapter 9 Designing with Security in Mind.
Chapter 10 Monitoring and Capacity Planning.
Chapter 11 Bringing It All Together.

Chapter Excerpt (PDF)

Full Table of Contents (PDF)

Feel free to go over to the site to look around and of course the book can always be ordered on that page
or on Amazon. Expected Availability is mid-March 2011. And YES, there should be a electronic download version available

VMware vSphere Design