Drobo - Discount Codes - Tech Field Day

Even if you might think I came down hard on Drobo earlier in the week, I really like their products.

And being a Tech Field Day delegate does have it benefits, even if they are not for me.

Using the Promotional code below  you can get the following considerable discounts on the products below:




$50 off on Drobo 4-bay 
$100 off on Drobo 4-bay with drives
$100 off on Drobo S & Drobo FS
$150 off on Drobo S and Drobo FS with drives
$150 off on DroboPro & DroboPro FS
$200 off DroboPro & DroboPro FS with drives

Use this code for the discounts DRIKEESING

Hope this will be of benefit to you all.