Viewing a WebEx on the Road

Today I wanted to join in on Simon Seagrave’s EMC Live Webcast:

Install & Run the EMC Celerra Virtual Storage Appliance 

But I was not able to view it from the comfort of my desk, I was on the way back home - on the bus.

I decided not give the webcast a miss so I decided to view on my laptop using my phone as my internet connection. I have a an HTC Wildfire with Android Gingerbread courtesy of Cyanogenmod. One of the benefits of Froyo is Wireless tethering - which allows you to set your phone up as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

I use this great application 3G Watchdog to monitor my Mobile Internet usage.

The statistics from today from my phone during the WebEx:


A quick PowerShell line to give that in numbers that I can understand:

Write-Output "Data Received: $("{0:N2}" -f (81121147 /1MB)) MB" "Data Sent: $("{0:N2}" -f (5838872/1MB)) MB"


I was happily surprised to find for a webcast that took over hour - including audio, the amount of bandwidth used was negligible.

That means I do not need to give up live webcasts on the ride home.

Thanks Simon for the great webcast!