I am a delegate - Gestalt IT Tech Field Day 5

I was honored to receive an email last night from Stephen Foskett offering me a spot on on the next
Tech Field Day in February in San Jose.

I am happy to be able to accept the offer, so I will hopefully be making my way to the US in the beginning of February.

The list of delegates are as follows.

Sean Clark SeanClark.us @vSeanClark

Bill Hill Virtual Bill Gestalt IT @Virtual_Bill

Tom Hollingsworth The Networking Nerd @NetworkingNerd

Devang Panchigar StorageNerve @StorageNerve

Chris Wells vSamurai @wygtya

W. Curtis Preston Backup Central @WCPreston

Maish Saidel-Keesing Technodrone @maishsk

Eric Siebert vSphere-land @EricSiebert

Greg Stuart vDestination

I am really looking forward to this and expect some more blog posts to come.