Veeam's Holiday Present

I would like to tell you a short story about the new present that Veeam has announced today.


Just under 2 months ago I sent the message above to Doug Hazelman. The text speaks for itself. This is the answer I got back from him


So the Hash tags were out #F4C - which was of course #NFR4VCP

Isn’t it great to have companies like this that actually think of these things before you even have the idea? and even more so - bring these things to fruition!!

The NFR licenses include 2 sockets of Veeam Backup & Replication v5 with vPower and Veeam One Solution.

This is a good strategic move on Veeam’s behalf, getting the people that deal with virtualization to test drive the products, get to know them, and if the find them useful, then continue to expand their deployment

The promotion is here:


Thank you very much Veeam!!

(And this is completely coincidental that there have been two blog posts regarding Veeam
in two days - I swear!!)