New Patch released - VMSA-2010-0016

This was just released. KB 1027027 (ESX) and KB 1027753 (ESXi)

I wanted to point out that is should deal with several issues that include a patch to solve this Host crash because of ESX Active Directory Integration.

Here is the info from the KB 1027021

When an user who is a member of more than 32 groups attempts to log into an ESXi host by using KVM, any one of the following issues might occur:

  • ESX/i host restarts

  • ESX/i host becomes unresponsive

Note: With this patch, a user who is a member of more than 128 groups can access the console, but loses any group information beyond the 128th group.

And also the 8 character password issue that William Lam posted about here

If passwords of more than eight characters are set for ESXi 4.1 system users, the set password is truncated to eight characters, and the system evaluates only the first 8 characters of the password submitted for authentication.
Note: To implement this fix, reset the password of the existing ESXi 4.1 system users after applying the patch.

As always - Test before deployment