Host Crash because of ESX Active Directory Authentication

I was subscribed to this thread and received an update today that I must have missed previously, with an issue much more serious than the one that the thread was originally started with.

Previously, I posted an article to explain how to Integrate ESXi into Active Directory. After the integration logging onto a host with your domain credentials can cause the host to crash. The issue occurs when the user logging into the ESX host with their Active Directory credentials is a member of more than 30 Security Groups.

The issue has been confirmed with happening with the user being a member of as little as 23 security groups as well.

The ESX Host throws an error and reboots (PSOD) and reboots. The thread owner has a ticket open with VMware and according to the information there engineering are working on the issue.

Below are Screenshots taken from the thread



I ran a quick check to how many groups my AD account is a member of (Powershell of course)

Get-QADUser msaidelk | Get-QADMemberOf -ErrorAction Continue | where {$_.GroupType -eq "Security" } | Measure-Object | Select-Object -Property Count | Format-List

Count : 45

I have tried to re-create this on my standalone host but have not experienced this problem.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?