VMworld - Day 0


Sunday, I started my trip to Copenhagen, not nearly as exciting as the vRoadtrip but I do guarantee you I flew faster than 210 KM/h

I usually travel with my family, at least once a year, so flying to Europe is not new. But flying without kids is a whole different experience.

Coming from Israel though does not put you in a central location. I was en route from door to door almost 11 hours - with stop overs and waiting for flights.

I am staying at the Wakeup Copenhagen


I do have to say, that even though the inconvenience of security checks in Ben-Gurion Airport are frowned upon by some, I am really shocked about how the rest of you in the world could have done without the checks before 9/11.

Tomorrow a relatively early start. I will most probably go into the Tech Exchange Day, and I have a meeting or two in the Bella Center.

On with the show!!!