Vote for the Top 25 Virtualization Blogs

It is that time of the year again, and it time to perform your duties and help me stay in the top 25 bloggers list. Eric Siebert has opened the survey on his site.

Top 25 Bloggers

The list is a large, 100 blogs, but you can only pick your top 10.

I hope you enjoy the content I provide and will put me in the top 3!
(Seriously though - anywhere on this list will make me happy).

I am honored to be listed amongst such a great list of people.

So how does it work. 3 stages

  1. Select your top 10 favorite blogs, you will be asked to rank them in the next question. Current top 25 blogs are listed first followed by the remaining blogs in alphabetical order. You can view links to all the blogs on the vLaunchpad. You must select exactly 10 blogs to continue.

  2. Rank the 10 blogs that you clicked in the previous question with #1 being your most favorite blog. Rankings are weighted with a #1 vote equal to 10 points and working down to a #10 vote being equal to 1 points. Here you will have to drag and drop your selections, move them around until you get the order correct

  3. Enter your name, email and a Captcha Code.

Who knows, you might even win some prizes.

Two random voters will be picked to win a copy of Eric’s book, Maximum vSphere or a copy of the Train Signal vSphere Pro Series Vol. 2 video training course.