vCloud - Enterprise as well not only Enterprise Plus

After having a Twitter conversation with Massimo Re Ferre’ - VMware vCloud Architect, (his article is a great read - you should definitely make the time to get to understand it -
vCloud Director Networking for Dummies)
he was surprised that the whole conversation was going on because as far as he knew the Ent. Plus was not a pre-requisite for vCloud Director (even though the information states so on the VMware website)

These are the updates that he posted today.

Updated 22/09/2010

The information on the Website has now been changed to reflect that Enterprise is supported, but Enterprise Plus is Strongly recommended


Well I guess this closes this previous post VMware vCloud Director - Enterprise (Plus) only? 

I am really pleased to see that the proper people are paying attention to the feedback coming from the community are are quick to react on it. Thank you.

Now it will be interesting to hear what happens regarding - The Future of VMware Lab Manager