VMworld Sessions - Close but no Cigar!

After waiting most the day, and seeing a number of people on Twitter who announced that they had sessions that were accepted, I was waiting for an email - and yes, lo and behold - it arrived this evening - along with many emails to others, the rejection letter.

Last night on the Communities Roundtable - the VMworld team was there, including Richard Garsthagen. He spoke about the 1000 Sessions submitted for the call for papers this year. About how many were accepted, about the fact the that the number of votes was not the only factor for having a session accepted.

I posted a short while back - which were the popular session that were up for voting. This is not testify as to which sessions received the most votes, but to which track that people found to be most popular to submit a presentation for.

Am I disappointed? Yes - I am. I actually did think that one (of my three) sessions would be accepted this year. But I guess it was not meant to be.

I have my reservations and opinions about the way the whole process was handled (public voting process, timetables etc.) but I will take that offline.

I would like to thank all 50 of you who voted for my vCenter Migration - It’s a Snap with POWERCLI session - Thanks for the vote of confidence - it is highly appreciated!!

It is my nature to always try to see the good side of things in events, so here is what find to be the bright side of none my sessions being accepted:

  1. First and foremost I will have more time to prepare for my VCDX Design Application. It is a huge amount of work, and I do not feel that I would have done it justice if I would have submitted before the June 21st deadline. I now have some more time to complete the work properly for a defense in Copenhagen before August 2nd.
  2. As of now I am not sure if I will be attending VMworld in San Francisco - but I will be in Copenhagen.
  3. It will clear off my schedule a bit for the upcoming period to start working on a new project that I will be able to disclose in the not too far future.
  4. This will also allow me to blog a bit more - something that I have been finding hard to find time for, in the last couple of weeks

There are exciting things up ahead, many, many things to blog about and so much knowledge to share.

Congratulations to all of you had their sessions accepted - I am sure you will all do a great job!!

I do plan to still prepare a presentation for each of my sessions that I submitted. I would be happy to share them here with you all on the blog when they are done.