VMworld Sessions - Most Popular Track

No I do not have a crystal ball. I am not a magician, and also not a fortune teller.

A large number of sessions were submitted for VMWorld.

Now I do not know how many were submitted - but I can tell you how many were up for voting in each track.

How did I come by these numbers? I spent an evening counting each line (NOT!) But then I can’t give away all my trade secrets can I? :)

Track # of Submissions
Technology and Architecture 145
Enterprise Applications 104
Private Cloud - Management 99
Desktop Virtualization 94
Virtualization 101 72
Hybrid and Public Cloud 63
Private Cloud - Business Continuity 57
Private Cloud Security 24

My conclusions from the list of submissions:

  • Security is way too low on the amount sessions submitted - compared to the importance of the subject
  • Cloud, Cloud and more cloud.
  • People still want to show / want to see how to run their Enterprise Applications on VMware
  • Desktop Virtualization - Is going to become bigger and bigger!!!

Now it is really time to call it a day.