I hate self promotion but sometimes…

I really do not like pushing myself my readers and self plugging is not my style but since I have been included in the list of the VMware top bloggers poll, I feel honored to be on the list of 63 other great bloggers out there, spending large amounts of their free time for a greater cause. If I remember correctly, none of us really blog for a living - this is a “sidekick” of our regular lives and daily jobs which we all enjoy doing.

Please show your appreciation and cast your vote - and if you wish to add my name to the list of top bloggers - I will be highly honored.

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My most popular articles have already been published in my previous post 2009 in 349 Words so I will not post them here, but here is a link to my post that were chosen as the one of the Top 5 blog Post of the week on the VMTN blog during 2009



Happy voting and Thanks!