2009 - in 349 words

I started this blog - like most of us bloggers for none other than a personal reference for keeping track of things I find during my day.

Officially my first blog post is dated somewhere in November 2007, but I can say that I started seriously from November 2008.

Now I posted some new years resolutions a while back when the new Jewish year started.

I can say that from that list of things I wanted to get done I have done the following:

The Business

  • Continue assistance to R&D / PD with enabling them to perform their job better / faster / easier (This project is well under way)
  • Lab manager - start to work with these products - for better productivity (I am starting a POC for Lab Manager)
  • Help the business with developing a Virtual Appliance Version of our product (Not yet - but we are getting more and more interest from the customer’s to utilize Virtualization)


  • More efficient backup methods and faster restore time (we are currently evaluating EMC Avamar for this purpose)


  • Utilize the latest storage technologies for
    • Thin provisioning
    • Storage de-duplication
    • Storage offloaded snapshots (This is coming  - much sooner than I expected since we are outgrowing our current storage)


  • Utilize more scripting for more standardization of procedures (PowerCLI) (Have you noticed my blog lately???)

There is still a lot of work for me to do, but I think this is a good start.

I would like to thank each and every one of my 50,533 Unique visitors since January 1, 2009, that have honored me by visiting this blog. I certainly did not think that this was going to happen when I started my first blog Just over a year ago.

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Thank you all for a wonderful year - and I am really looking forward to an even more interesting one in 2010.