VCP4 Beta Exam - Why I will not take the Exam.

I was invited (amongst a good number of others that were in the Beta) to sit the Beta Exam. I have decided not to take the opportunity. Only two days left by the way.

Why you should?

  • Beta Participants receive a good discount on the exam
  • The privilege of becoming one of the 1st few to achieve the VCP4 Certification
  • The privilege of contributing to the testing process for the rest of those that will take the exam in the future

Why you should not?

  • You have a a lot of questions to answer in a very short time (270 in 4.5 hours = 1 question/minute)
  • Not all of these questions will be in the GA exam
  • You will not receive your results after the exam, it can actually take something like 6-8 weeks

Personally none of the cons mentioned above were the reason for my decision. I will not be taking it because the only VUE testing center in Israel that I could schedule the exam was, available only on one date, three hours drive away from where I live/work, and the slot was at 08.30 in the morning. So I will pass. Pity, but when the exam becomes available, I will definitely book a more suitable slot.

Thank you VMware anyway, for giving me the opportunity though.