Virtual Thoughts

No,  I have not started to become philosophical and all, this is about a new podcast that will be held this evening.

The forum will be non-VMware centric, non-security centric podcast on virtualization technologies.

Virtual Thoughts will tackle several items to start, like Licensing, Performance, Open Source tools, Cross Platform products, etc. This is not a product show but a bringing together of a discussion about these and other pressing issues, and questions in the industry. Hopefully with some sort of solid take away that either the vendors or the customers can apply.

So as you can see from the above – this will not be only a VMware podcast – for that we have the Communities Roundtable, and it will not be only a security podcast, for that we have Edward’s Security Roundtable. Most of the panelists use VMware’s products extensively – but not exclusively

Among the Panelists on the Podcast will be experienced members of the Virtualization community (in no particular order):

The Podcast will be weekly occurrence and you can access it here on Talkshoe.

Looking forward to it.