Veeam FastSCP and ESX4i

One of my valuable tools that I use is Veeam’s FastSCP. A while back they introduced a new version that was compatible with ESX3i - which was a great blessing!

Today I tried to connect to my ESX4i server and I found that it would not.

Received an error:


I started to look on their support forum, but could not find any mention of ESX4i - so I reverted to Twitter.

I posted:

and lo and behold (10 minutes minus a few seconds later)

Twitter of course is an amazing tool, and I don’t really how people work without it. Don’t you love it?

So just to let you all know FastSCP will not work in its current version with ESX4i - but will very soon.

Update: I was using an older version to be exact. I downloaded a newer version 3.0.1 today and all works fine. Thanks again to Veeam for wonderful support and follow up. Well done!