Will we be Forced to Pay More?

VMware announce their licensing changes and I wrote about it in a previous post. I noticed something on a document that (I gather) was released by VMware Marketing and brought to the blogosphere by Jason Boche.

The title is, “VMware vSphere 4 Cheat Sheet”.

If you look carefully at the above document you will see on on page 3 of the document it is stated that vSphere Enterprise version is going to be available for sale only until Dec. 15, 2009. below is the screenshot.


This was noted again on page 4 as well.


This does not appear on the same graphic which is in the vSphere Pricing, Packaging, and Licensing Whitepaper on page 7.

I truly and sincerely hope that this was a mistake. I mean if Enterprise Edition will only be available for the interim period until the end of the year, and then all new purchases will have to be Enterprise Plus licenses starting after December 15th, 2009, then I am sorry VMware - but you are going to have a lot of extremely unhappy customers (to put it mildly).

It would be nice to have someone from VMware to confirm if this is a mistake and amend the document. And if not to explain themselves.