VMUG Israel March 2009

Today was our Israeli Quarterly VMUG in Tel-Aviv Lead by Ben Hagai. About 75 people there (the group is growing every time) Schedule was:

  1. Re-cap from VMWorld in Cannes
  2. Cisco Nexus 1000V
  3. ESX Storage Best Practices
  4. VMware Appspeed
  5. New Technologies Demonstration

1. Re-Cap - quick overview of technologies from Cannes.

Well nothing really new here that has not been posted all over the internet over the past week. One thing that I did learn that was new, that with Vmware Fault Tolerance - If the host fails, the second VM will take over (become the primary) and a new secondary VM will be created on another host in the cluster.

2. Storage best Practices (Yes they switched the order - Cisco guy was late)

This was given by Yaniv Weinberg who is a Senior VMware Consultant. This was an interesting session with a few points I took with me to reserach further. VM Pagefile - perhaps to install on a different VMDK on a different volume - (SRM reasons, Load) Partition Allignment - This has being going around the forums/blogs lately no need to go into more detail SCSI Reservations - Explanations about what causes them, and how they effect your environment.

3. AppSpeed

Since I have heard the product presentation on the VMTN Podcast - I got some work done during this presentation and did not really pay attention.

4. Cisco NEXUS 1000V - Overview

This seems to be a big WOW!!! Strangely enough though, Even though I am participating in the Beta for vSphere, I could not find a way to test this product as well. Well It will be relased together with vSPhere, my Network Administrator will be in 7th Heaven to have such a product for our Virtualization Environment, and I now have a contact in Cisco that, I hope, will allow me to test this product as well.

5. PCoIP

Short explanation - and how VMware would like this to replace RDP, this will support HD video (which is a big plus) - Chris Wolf recently posted about this.

6. Client Hypervisor - CVP

Also has been mentioned a few times this past week, this one I will really be interested in - so I will be keeping a close watch on this…. And of course - almost forgot - We all got this t-shirt :) Thanks for a great productive session!!