A (tiny) bit of Powershell..

Even though I was not there - the VI Toolkit lab, Lab 11 was highly popular and you can voice your opinion on that if you would like. Now Carter Shanklin was so kind to give me permission to publish the VI toolkit examples that were presented on the Hands-on Lab at this session. Luc Dekens , Hugo Peeters and Stephen Campbell also got an honorable mention in the document. This is more of a note to myself of how to perform common tasks with the VI Toolkit and a historical reference. It is a great list of examples collated in to one place. Of course credit goes to the team that made the lab such a success:

  • Aidan Dalgleish - Senior Consultant
  • Carter Shanklin - Product Manager, End User Enablement
  • Reg Hall – Senior Systems Engineer
  • Hardev Sanghera – Lead Partner, Systems Engineer
  • Yavor Boychev – VI Toolkit QA Lead
  • Andrey Anastasov – VI Toolkit Architect

So thank very much Carter - and of course the full PDF can be found here