3 Things I Learned - Week 11

Crazy week – but one of the best I have had. I work with an amazing team of people – who have accomplished the almost impossible.

Beside working weird and wild hours, here are 3 things that I learned this week.

  1. From dotCloud to Docker is a relaly good read about how docker started out a few years ago. It is hard to believe that is has evolved into what it has today.

  2. It seems that Gitlab is not going to be leaving the cloud after all.. Running your infrastructure is so much more that nut, bolts and how much money you pay to a provider at the end of the day. Gitlab was publicly discussing why they wanted to get off the cloud – and how they would do it, and this post explains that maybe you do need people that understand the underlying infra (all of it!!) if you choose to go the route of managing it all yourself.
    Really good read!

  3. Did you know that many hit songs are comprise of 4 basic chords?


Catch you all next week!