3 Things I Learned - Week 6

Where has the time gone by? This past week – I was up to my neck in architectural discussions and meetings for a big upcoming project on AWS.

Nevertheless - here are three things I learned this week.

  1. Many a time I want to look at a file and what better way to do that than with less . But then comes that moment where you want to actually edit the because you see a mistake. So instead of exiting the file and then opening it up again in vi – try this.

    Edit a File When You Are Viewing It Using more / less Command Pager

  2. I did some digging into NTP this week. How to secure NTP, the different Stratum levels, and how to read the weird output from ntpq –p. These articles were very helpful.

    How to debug ntp issues?
    Real Life NTP

  3. I use Cisco Spark daily as my main medium for communication at work. I love it.

    Here is a useful list of Keyboard shortcuts – that will save you some throughout your day.

Catch you all next week!!