Losing the Will to Share

I assume that it has been apparent that I have not been active on my blog. Not for a while at least.

The last time I actually wrote something here was just under 6 months ago.

I do enjoy information, I love consuming information – but about 6 months ago I lost my will to write here on my own blog. It is a shame – because I thoroughly enjoy this as my own place in the world, my place where I could vent, where I could provide insight, a place I could call my own.

It could very well be that this was due to the loss of a parent (well actually both – because dementia and Alzheimer’s does not leave very much of my only living parent, that raised me most of my life) – but I dropped off of the radar. I considerably reduced my social media involvement as well.

Everyone is entitled to their reasons, I have my own. I have contributed elsewhere – just not under my own name.

I do appreciate your patience – and now I am finally back in a place where I feel I am ready and will start to share my feelings, thoughts, tips and what-nots.

I do want to point out one thing. This used to be a very VMware centric blog.

Used to – I do not think that it has been that way for more than a year.

I hardly use VMware products anymore – definitely not on a day-to-day basis.

So – there will be some changes, in content – in focus, in presentation.

It does feel good to be back – so sit back and enjoy the ride.