OpenStack Design Guide Book Sprint

It is said that once you get a bug in you – it is hard to get rid of it. I have been asked (and I have accepted) to participate in a book sprint commissioned by the OpenStack Foundation.

What is a book sprint you may ask? I am sure this will explain it better than I can – but in short…

A Book Sprint brings together a group to produce a book in 3-5 days. There is no pre-production and the group is guided by a facilitator from zero to published book. The books produced are high quality content and are made available immediately at the end of the sprint via print-on-demand services and e-book formats.

Book Sprint

A full book in 5 days? Is that even possible? Well, yes it is. There are a group of Subject Matter Experts coming together in the week of July 7th in Palo Alto (VMware are being so kind as to host us), where we sit and bash out a Design Guide/Book that will be used as the unofficial “bible” for OpenStack Architects wherever they may be.

Here is some more information about the two previous book sprints that were completed for the Openstack project.

OpenStack Security Guide: One Week, 38,000 Words, A Lot Of Security

OpenStack Operations Guide: One Week, One Book

The participants of this project will include:

And yours truly….

There is good participation from all parts of the globe and the OpenStack community – a diverse crowd – with different skills, experience and backgrounds.

I am really looking forward to this project – meeting such a group of interesting people, working on a new book project, but most of all – contributing back to the community – because that is what it is all about!

You can follow us all with the #openstackdesign hashtag for more information about this project.