Welcome to Our New Sponsor - Zerto

I would like to thank Zerto and extend them a warm welcome for sponsoring my blog.

Below is a (very) short video explaining what they do

Zerto Hypervisor-Based Replication from Zerto on Vimeo.

I first heard about Zerto from their presentation at Tech Field Day 6.

Zerto is an Israeli Company based out of Herzliya. I first met one of the co-founders Oded Kedem while sitting down for lunch at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas. I have also had a number of talks with their VP of Marketing & Products Gil Levonai and with their Online Marketing Director Fara Hain over the past few years.


I was not asked to write about or recommend Zerto’s products. This post is to express my gratitude to Zerto for becoming a paying sponsor (amongst others) that help to cover the costs of my blog.
I did receive a bloggers t-shirt from Zerto at VMworld ;)