DevOpsCon 2013


Today I attended the DevOpsCon 2013 in Hertzliya, Israel. As you can see from the agenda there was an abundance of great sessions and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

This was not like most of the one-day seminars I usually go to – it was focused 100% on DevOps – and virtualization was just a (very small) by-product – seeing that it was only the underlying infrastructure.

The speakers were very good (almost all of them), the content was very interesting and very though provoking. The food was fine, venue was pretty much ok (albeit a bit crowded).

I had a really good time, it was great to see the interactions on Twitter and the feedback that was given during the sessions (even though I expected a lot more – it seems that Israel is not that big on Twitter).

That’s me

I will be going into depth with my thoughts on some of the sessions in future blog posts but here are 8 little gems (of many) that came out of the day.

  1. Microsoft are hosting the day. As soon as they understood that most people are Linux guys, the AC is arctic. Penguin is frozen #devopscon
  2. Interesting question - how does DevOps deal with Database changes? #devopscon
    There was no concrete answer!
  3. He’s got Linux emulation on his Windows desktop, used to push code to his Linux VMs running on Azure #Aabomination #devopscon
  4. It is sooo obvious from this demo that Microsoft is so not in the #devops game #devopscon
  5. Culture is one of the biggest challenges #devopscon
  6. There are only two log levels:
    a. Too much bullshit
    b. I’m f***‘ing blind!! #devopscon
  7. Human driven auto-scaling - is not realy the right way to do it #devopscon
  8. There is no such a thing as hard-coded dynamic IP’s #devopscon

I really appreciate the feedback!

I would like to leave you with comment from Ben Kepes which is so true – about today – and always

Which translates to:

What is the most important thing in the world?
It is people! It is people! It is people!

I will post a link to the slide decks when they become available.

Updated: The slide decks are coming in.

One Does Not Simply Walk Into Devops from Uri Cohen

Continuous delivery at SAP IT for devopscon Israel from Alon Aizenberg

ANODE – Continuous Deployment with Node.js over Azure, Yosef Dinerstein from DevopsCon

We tried to build a DevOps Team and all we got was this lousy t-shirt, Clive Foley from DevopsCon

Continuous Delivery at Wix, Yaniv Even Haim from DevopsCon

How we took our server side application to the cloud and liked what we got, Baruch Sadogursky

How I Learned to Relax and Love the Logs, Avishai Ish-Shalom

Continuous Delivery at SAP IT, Alon Aizenberg from DevopsCon

Vagrant and Puppet, your Ops Sketching Board, Ronen Narkis

Taking a SaaS Shop from No Ops to NoOps, Pavel Suchman from DevopsCon

Little-Big Data Adventures, Or Cohen